Frame It

Random Statements:

I have come to learn that art can be all sorts of things.

In my house almost anything that is purple can be put on display

I have a unhealty love for big earrings and necklaces

I think brown makes just about anything look classy


Now that I have that out of the way, I am really excited to show you the really practical art idea for my bathroom.

I found an old frame with not-that-nice picture in it and attacked them with Krylon’s Leather Brown spray paint.  Chip board was perfect to cover with some paintable wall paper.  Mr. Chaos cut to the size of the frame.  The hooks were white so they got in the spray paint line up as well.  The mat that was orignally with the frame had brown in it so I used that as well.  2013-01-24 12.34.44

  Look what I came up with. It now lives on my closet wall and is adorned with my scarves and sweaters.

2013-01-24 12.35.25

Here is another frame that I found.  I loves all the nooks and crannies and the shape of this one.  I decided to paint this Krylon Semi-Gloss White Spray paint because it was going in my ensuit and white looks good in there.  I glazed it with purple so as to accent all the texture of the frame.  Again with this one I covered chip board with paintable wall paper.  White nails are lined across the top about an inch apart. 2013-01-24 11.54.59

 Now it holds my necklaces. I realize that there is a lot of purple jewelry in my collection.  I’m working on that.

2013-02-20 10.17.39

Mr. Chaos made this frame from base boards.  He cut them all at a 45 degree angle so they would fit together.  I’m not sure where the mash came from or what it is really for but it was perfect for earring storage.  I stapled and glued it to the back of the frame the whole thing got hit with a few coats of Krylon Semi-Gloss White Spray Paint.  Then I roughed it up a little to make it look a little more interesting.

2013-01-24 11.54.48

And now it is also covered in purple earrings….

2013-02-20 10.16.24


I have recently discovered the great jewelry at Stella & Dot so there will be a little less purple and way more everything.


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