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February Door Decor

February screams hearts and cinnamon to me… and I thought about it, but I cannot figure out how to decorate my door with cinnamon.  So here we go with some hearts.  My door is flaming red already so I decided to decorate the windows around it.  I’ve spotted these felt hearts on Pinterest a few times.  They are not hard to make, just basic sewing skills.

First cut a sheet of felt in half,  stake them and sew a 1/4 inch seam down the side. Now open that seam and bring the other sides together.  Now sew another 1/4 inch seam.  PicMonkey Collage

Using clear fishing line or any colored thread and a large sewing needle bring the thread through the center at the top of the heart.  Tie a knot in the thread and the seam of the felt.  This is the best way to make sure your heart keeps it shape and stays spaced apart from the others.  Now bring the thread through the center point at the bottom of the heart, play with the length a bit to figure out how you want the hearts shaped.  Tie a knot with the thread and the bottom seam.  Now do all that again and again until your garland is to your desired length. 2013-02-11 15.09.14

I used stiffened felt and non-stiffened and I found that the softer felt made nicer shaped hearts with no random corners. 40th BDay 028

Enjoy making heart garland this Valentine’s Day, and remember to give your special someone or someones a big kiss.signature

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