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October Door Decor!

Here is the very first entry for the Door Decor Challenge.

These foam pumpkins are super easy to work with.  They can be colored with markers or paint, hot glued (hottest setting) or pinned.  This was a fun project because it was fast and easy and involved the little ones.  My girls went through the jar of buttons to find fall or harvest looking ones.  There were many to choose from. 

As for the ribbon, Micheal’s has had some incredible deals on ribbon as of late.  There are huge bins and each one is less than a dollar.  I mean way less.  The girls and I go through and each grab a few of our favorites.  They all hang out in a draw together and when it comes time to add ribbon to a project, there are tons to choose from. 

I adhered to pumpkins to the door with hot glue.  I used the glue at it’s hottest setting and held each one there till it dried. Let’s hope that doesn’t leave any damage.  I may have to paint the  door by the end of this challenge. 

Aren’t they so cute?

Did you notice my Scardy-Cat Dog in the window?

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