New Challenge

Last year I challenged myself to make a wreath for each month.

I hung them on my front door as a way to represent each month in someway or another.

I figured it would be interesting to continue the same challenge but with a little twist.

For a year I will continue to decorate my front door, but with


It will be called ……………………………….

Door Decor!

 Credit must be given to my friend Sam for the catchy name. She is oober talented and super funny. I thin she should have a blog of her own! 

Each month I will try to come up with someway of adorning my front door as a way to celebrate each month.

Make sure you come back each month to see what crazy creation is happening at my front door.


Also, I encourage you all to make wreaths or something for your front door.  It is a fun and easy way to make your house look decorated for the season.  Remember to take pictures and share them with me!


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