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Super Cute Butter-by Skirt

I came across this blog called “My Inner Need To Create”  by Jessica.  She is a really creative woman.  There are some really great projects on her blog.

She was fetured on Project Run & Play! Warning… if you look at this site you will be inspired to make about 100 new skirts. One of them is the butterfly skirt that I saw and fell in love with.  Jessica did a great job.  So that was my inspiration for this project.

The skirt was cut out of some denim-ish spandex -ish fabric that I have and am not sure where is came from.  I folded it in half and drew a quarter of a skirt on it.  Something like this….

From A to B should be a quarter of the waist measurement + seam allowance (SA).  From B to C is the desired length of the skirt + SA and hemming. The measurement from C to D will determine the fullness of the skirt.  For a flow-y skirt – double the quartered waist length, for a narrow skirt this measurement will be close in length to the A to B measurement.  Do that whole process twice!

Once the skirt was put together and I added some darts to the top it was time for a butterfly. Using black Broad Cloth and fusible web I traced out a cute butterfly.  After cutting it I ironed it onto some cute colorful fabric. (That Tiny picked out) Then added some fusible web to the back of that and ironed it to the skirt. 



I sewed around the edges so that it will make it though the washer.  It turned out so cute!

Don’t ya think?

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