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Naturally a Clean Freak

As I was doing my weekly cleaning routine… let’s be honest… my weekly routine only happens every few weeks, but more to the point.  As I was cleaning I realized that I clean my whole house with 1 kind of cleaning product. Can you guess what it is???? I have used it to make really cool craft project with…..


Yup, that’s all I use. For my toilets, sinks, bathtubs and shower they all get scrubbed with Borax. I used to use Vim and it worked great for getting everything clean, but it kinda left a matte film and things were just not shiny.

For my mirrors and facets I used to use Windex and a whole lot of paper towel. The mirrors and faucets were clean and shiny but the room smelled like cleaner. Not to mention the heap of paper towel. Now I use Norwex Kitchen cloths for all the glass and faucets.

I have three cloths that come with me on a cleaning frenzy. One is a soft dry Norwex cloth, one is a wet Norwex cloth and the other is a wet cleaning rag. Cleaning glass is super easy… just wipe it with the wet cloth, than buff it again with the dry cloth it’s as easy as that… you have clean glass.  Norwex also sells a Window Cloth.

For the sinks, tubs and showers I use the cleaning rag with a bit of water and the Borax. After a good scrub and some elbow grease all that is needed is a rinse and they look as good as new. I use that cloth to wipe down counters and base boards.

For the toilets there is a scrubber beside each toilet in the house. With about a 1/4 cup of borax in the bowl I scrub it all around and use a bit of paper towel to clean the seat and the lid. The paper towel is easy to dispose of and there are no toilet germs getting rubbed all over.

As for cleaning my floors… I use a steam mop.

There are a few things about “traditional”  moping that I really don’t like.

One – having to stop and clean your mop.

Two – soaking my hands in the dirty water.

Three – cleaning up the water bucket.

Four – the cleaner leaving streaks of the nice “clean” floor.

But all those things are not a problem with a steam mop. There is no stopping unless you have to change plug-in outlets.  You only have to wet the mop head with clean water when you start and  take it off and put it in the laundry when you’re done. There is NO bucket and there is NO cleaner to streak the floor. AND… it cleans the floor with steam so there is not funky cleaner smells and no worries about what your kids or pets are walking (crawling) in.

Wow, I should sale steam mops for a living!

Anyway, there you have it. My cleaning routine with no store bought chemical cleaners.

One thought on “Naturally a Clean Freak

  1. I thought you should know this post, along with something I read yesterday about being a responsible steward of God’s creation, inspired me to pick up a box of Borax today. I hadn’t done it before because it seemed too complicated, but reading this made me realize it really isn’t. I’m so happy to being reducing the number of chemicals I use! So, thanks, Cousin!


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