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Hanging from the Chandelier

I got it is my head that I needed a chandelier to hang above my Cherry Red kitchen table.  So I started searching for one.  Of course I hit Craigslist.  I found one right away and emailed on it.  I was about to go and get it when the man called me and informed me that his wife had actually sold it.  That’s what you get when dealing with Craigslist.

Long story short:  I found this one and grabbed it right away.  I was so excited about the Calla Lilly glass shades.  Once we got it home we realized that it was in pretty bad shape.  The tubes were all full of rancid water and there were chips and scratches everywhere.

The entire thing had to be taken apart, cleaned, rewired, painted and reassembled.  I have had a few project that required the daunting task of cleaning.  And more than once I have tried different chemical products. But you know what has worked the best?  Boiling hot water, a scrub brush and elbow grease.

The next step was to paint it, for this I used    Rust-Oleum Hammered Metal Black.  The Hammerd Metal paint leaves a nice finish because it has some depth to it when it dries.

I wanted to make the glass shade look a little more like flowers but did not want them to stand out too much.  To give the impression of a Calla Lilly bloom I spray painted the metal bands that screw over the socket with Krylon Gloss Sun Yellow.  It gave me exactly what I was looking for.

Once it was dry, Mr. Chaos re-wired the whole thing.  Then it was finally time to put it all back together and hang it up.  Now rather than a plain old pot light above my table, there is a beautifule Calla Lilly chandelier.

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