Oh Coffee!

So I have a small addiction.  I really really love coffee.  Not only to drink, but I also love all the wonderful things that go with coffee….. like, Starbucks, cool mugs, pictures of coffee, color of coffee…. the list goes on.
Anyway, last year for Christmas my Mother-in-Law gave me The Lang Coffee Calendar. Needless to say, I was totally in love with it.  I strategically hung it so that I would be able to enjoy my calender from many places in my house. I knew that the only thing (other than a cup of coffee) that would make this baby look better was a frame.
Told you it was ugly!


After searching in stores and online, I realized that many places were sold out or way over priced.  Then…… one day this summer me and a friend decided it would be fun to go to the Flea Market.  As we were sifting through a lot of junk, I came across a (really ugly) calendar frame.
It was marked $1.50 and I paid a buck for it. Talk about thrifty!


So after taking it home I primed and painted it with Krylon Leather Brown Gloss. And I realized that it was going to take a little more than spary paint to pritty this baby up.  My first thought was to put a crakle on it, sort of a tone on tone…. that did not work out.  It looked terrible. Then it came to me, this fix would cost about $5.00.
An ornamental molding from The Home Depot.  The real cost of the molding is yet to be determind.  While looking around I saw a whole lot of potential projects….  Yup, my hubby is super excited about that!  (or not)
I traced out the heart shape on a piece of cardboard, cut it out
and filled the hole with it.  The molding had to be glued and clamped overnight.
 After it became perminant, I primed it, painted it brown and glazed it with black.
And here she is…….


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