The Beast is finished – and BEAUTIFUL

All right so here is the long awaited reveal
the hexagon side table. 
It is finished…. and I think it’s beautiful!

The details on this piece were way to interesting to let sit on that dark dingy wood color, so Krylon to the rescue.  I first primed it with a gray primer and then hit it with Ivory Gloss.  After a few coats it looked like a new piece.
It is so much fun watching a piece transform.
Although there was one point where I had grabed the can with an ivory lid on it and started spraying, I thought it was strange that it looked like it didn’t even cover…. ooops, it was a can of white primer.  From now one I will be sure to make sure the proper lid is on the can.

It originally looked like this

The original
After a coat of premier and two coats of Ivory Gloss Spray Paint
 I figured the very best glaze for this baby would be none other then PURPLE!


Everything is better with Purple!


And here is the best part, the super-cute-cannot-buy-anywhere hardware…
With so much storage, it sits so proud in my living room.
 I’m sure one day I will redo a piece that I am willing to sell.  So far that has not happened.

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