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Valance Balance

                      I have to give ALL the credit for this amazing idea to Brook at All Things Thrifty.  I followed the instructions on her blog and ended up with (what I think) is a really great valance.  I put it above my bedroom window.  Here are a few step by step pictures.
measure 100 times, cut once!
add textured wall paper
and some crown molding and paint
get help hanging it up, (tall good looking husband is a must!)
The window looked like it was missing something before I added the valance.  It really balanced ( haha)out the whole thing.
 The curtains that also adorn this window were made from the flat sheet from a sheet set I bought. I thought it was really uncomfortable, but really nice to look at.  I lined them with brown broad cloth. (I also used the fitted sheet from the set as a bed skirt, now the whole room matches.)
Super inexpensive way  to add a really nice (and not home made looking) window treatment.  This project cost about $20, I had to purchase the wall paper (I have lots left to use on another project) and 6 feet of crown molding. The wood, hardware and paint I already had.  Sometimes it pays to have a pack rat husband! (Shhhhh, don’t tell him I said that!)
To get really good step by step instructions for this project check out the brilliant-ness of Brook.  Her VALANCE is a great example, and her tutorial is so easy to follow.

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