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Addiction to Distraction

One of the things I love the most about going to my in-laws house in Nova Scotia, other then and relationship, scenery and having my meals prepared! Is re-learning how to just sit there. Just sit and think.  Look around. Visit. Enjoy.untitled

Now don’t get the idea that there are no phones or computers and it’s totally unplugged.  In fact, my in-laws have more devices than I do.  But they understand BALANCE.  One does not always need to be distracted.

They demonstrate that balance.  They use their techy toys, then they just sit.  Sit in silence by themselves or hang out with another person and have a visit.  They look outside and watch birds or enjoy the scenery.  Is there time in your day when you refuse to look at your phone?  When you can just sit and reflect or think or enjoy the view? I challenge you to ignore a text notification.  Do it!  You are not going to save the world, and I guaranty that text message is not calling on you to do so.  So put the phone down and look at your life.

The effect of not letting yourself always be distracted is incredible. The day takes it’s time, meandering along and gently taking you with it.  As opposed to filling every spare moment with “keeping up” and being “available”.  May I suggest that you are not truly “available” it is only a matter of waiting for the next distraction.

Think about it…  spend time without distraction.

Talk to the people around you.  Engage people, real ones.  Look them in the eye.  This is not for them so much as it is for you, though they will also feel the positive affect of your undivided attention.

The long term affect of becoming un-addicted to distraction is becoming more self-aware,  more fulfilled and truly enjoy life. In the long run (yes, not instant gratification here) you will feel like you have made a difference in the world.  It seems a little far fetched, but it is for real!

Take a listen to what Simon Sinek has to say about this and addiction to distraction.  He is right on point, you have to listen all the way through.  Click Here  to listen.


One more thought before I go, remember the story that went viral about the women in the club who noticed that the guy across the room was trying to drug his date?   It is a good thing these ladies were not addicted to their phones…..

Link to Story


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3 thoughts on “Addiction to Distraction

  1. Excellent video! I often hear people say they won’t hire or work with millennials because they are “entitled” or “don’t know how to work”. In my job, we have many students coming and going each summer season. A lot of them, indeed, do not know “how to work” when they arrive because they have never learned or been taught. They often speak their mind which may sound “entitled”. But I have to say, I have come to love working with these young people. They do learn, they do come to understand hard work, they ask great questions and raise interesting points. We can dialogue about what is effective or what is not. It is amazing to see their worlds open up and to see their growth. They just need a chance- some grace mixed with challenge- to be all they can be. I agree, we have a responsibility as leaders in the workplace whether we want it or not. Let’s embrace it! We are all better for it.


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