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Getting to know our Hormones

We spend so much time getting to know other people and who they are.  But how much time do we spend getting to know ourselves.

There is many aspects of ourselves that we must get to know, feelings, likes, dislikes, what motivates us… but one thing that is so important and often overlooked is our hormones.

We all have them and we need to keep them in balance. Whether we know them or not they are still in there doing what they need to do. But how do we help them? How do we hinder them? What can we do to make the roller coaster not so crazy?

I want to encourage you to really take a look at your hormones.  Grab a well written book and see what amazing things are going on inside your body.  Find the answers to questions like,

Why am I so moody?

Why am a crying over everything?

Why can’t I sleep?

Information is power and you can have power over your own body.


So get in touch, get to know yourself and find out the amazing things that your body does without you even knowing it. – but knowing it will help your body do it better.

I am hosting a class locally on this very topic, you can get more details on it in the upcoming events tab. gentle-babies-workshop

Keep well friends,


ps. some of my favorite book are these ones here. The first is an easy read with some humour in there as well.  The second in a more in-depth book that really gives you a comprehensive idea of what is going on in there.

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