Chemical Free

Making it Happen…

I am currently in Nova Scotia and while I am here I am hosting a talk on how to

Create a Toxic Free home



-because I have a strong desire to build a team of oilers out here on the East Coast. This will keep me more connected with a part of the country that I love, and in know the great change that these oils can make for a family.

So, in the effort to create a team out here I have advertised (with the help of my Sister In Law) and have really had to put myself out there. There were a few moments when I thought

“oh, no, what if no one shows up?”

“What am I thinking, just forget it!”

 I could go on and on about all the reasons I have come up with not to do this…

But then, two things happened…

My husband turned to me and said, “I’m really proud of you” – that gave me wings!

And I found a FREE EBOOK and the timing could not have been better. This book is The First Steps to Wealth by Dani Johnson, and the eBook is free, you just have to click over and get your copy.

God provides things when we don’t even know we need them.  It is in His time that all good things will happen.  So I pray that the people who need to hear my message will show up tonight, no more and no less.  I don’t need a room of 100 people if only 2 are ready to hear this message.  God will send the right people.
If you are nervousness to step out and try something new, pray about it and go for it.

You’ve got this friend!
In Wellness,


I love hearing from you. Let me know what you think!

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