Introducing….. KD

Not long ago a friend and I started a business together.

 It is a creative business is called  Kynd Design.


Together, Kim and I have come up with creative and unique ways to help people express themselves through their décor. 

With the use of a vinyl cutter and an embroider we have created cute Halloween décor, fun wine glasses and now Christmas Décor is hitting the FaceBook page.  We are also excited to show you all the fun things we have designed with weddings in mind.    It has been so much fun putting the ideas together  and seeing them realize into something physical.

One of the things that I am most excited about is connecting with customers when they have an issue that they need creative solutions to.  Something that may not have been thought of or utilized quite yet.  For example, I am working with a lady who owns a food truck, she has specific ideas about what she wants for a menu on the side of the truck.  She communicates to me the things she would like in a menu… changeable, cleanable, removable, color, font … etc.  And I come back to her with a mock up of the final product.  

As of right now we are on FaceBook and we are working as fast as we can to get onto Etsy as well.     We are really looking forward to making fun and creative products for more customers.  So, if you have any creative ideas floating around in the right-side creative part of your brain but the Left-side logical part is not letting you realize them, then let us know. 


Please come and check us out.

“Like” Kynd Design on Facebook and let us know what you think. 


Thank you,



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