Felt Skates

If you are looking for something to decorate your mantle or hang on the wall for some cute Christmas and winter decor, you may like these.   I stumbled across this idea on a really great blog called Ruby Jeans.  Angelina is super talented and has some neat clips on her blog.

Super Cute Pom Pom Skates.

Start with white felt and a hand drawn template.  After tracing out the boot and cutting 2 of them out; I then cut 1 blade from black felt and a heel from dark brown.

You can use a glue gun or a sewing machine.  I used the hot glue.

Glue the boots together, making sure to attach the blade between the two layers.

Hint: only glue about two inches at a time then press the layers together, otherwise your glue will harden before you add the other layer. 

Now for the part that makes crafting and blogging so much fun.


Use glitter glue to make the laces.

Then take the top off the glitter glue and go crazy putting way too much glitter on the blade.  You want it to look silver and shiny. The glue will also make the blade more firm so it will keep its shape.

Then make a Pom-Pom.  If you have never made one of these, don’t worry, they are really easy to make. 

Take some yarn and wrap it around your fingers or a box about 30 times, or more. The more you wrap, the fuller the pom pom.  Then tie the middle together and cut the loops on each end.  Fluff if up a little and there you have it…. a Pom-Pom.  Glue it on the toe of the skate and add a loop at the back for a hanger.

And then the very best part of any craft…..


 If you do not have any in you craft cupboard or craft room you do not know what you’re missing.  Take you skate outside and give it a coat of glitter.  Remember to watch over spray, it looks really good on a boring old sidewalk! hehe!

And there you go, a skate.  Do you love it? 

I love hearing from you. Let me know what you think!

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