Neighbourhood Carving Party

One of the favorite parties of the year in our neighbourhood is the Pumpkin Carving Party. There are 18 children in our neighbourhood so as you can imaging there are many MANY pumpkins that have to get carved.

The most tedious part of pumpkin carving is the gutting process.


This year was the first year we used the Pumpkin Gutter.  I read about it over at All Things Thrifty! Brook and her family carve almost 100 pumpkins every year.

The best thing about the Pumpkin Gutter is that all the seeds are intact and even easier to separate from the guts.  You can thin the walls of the pumpkin so that they are easier to carve into. 

 It is really easy to use.  You just attach it to a drill and go for it.  There are instructional videos on the Pumpkin Gutter website. (Just click the link to check it out)  Let me tell you…. This is worth it!

One thought on “Neighbourhood Carving Party

  1. That pumpkin gutter is genius! I will definitely have to get one for next year. 🙂

    A pumpkin carving party sounds like fun. We have quite a few children in our neighbourhood, so organizing something like that would be great. I’m going to have to do that next year.


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