The reason for September!

The reason why we have September is so that we can get ready for October.  I am pretty sure that it is the only reason why we have November as well, so that there is time to get ready for December.

After the season is over I often hit the store for cute fall decor that is marked down super cheap.  The other really fun part of doing this is that it is a surprise the following year when you see the cool things that you bought last year.

Such as this, for 25 cents ……

Which I attacked with a glue gun and got this….
Original price was $5.


and this for 25 cents….
Original price was $7
and this for about $1.
Original Price was $5
The other favorites for the season are things that I have made over the years.
Painted on the front window


Add fake cat tails to a house plant


Quilted Pumpkins in a cart.
Quilted Pumpkins put in a picture holder

What are some of your favorite Fall projects?

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