Rock Candy Sticks

If you ever need a lesson in patience try this….

We had to wait a week before we could try the yummy sugary goodness.

We started with Bamboo sticks, food coloring, flavors, water and a lot of sugar.

First we chose what flavors would go with what colors.

Than we soaked the skewers in water and dipped them into the sugar canister.

I boiled the sugar and water until it was at a rumbling boil.  It was about 4:1 sugar to water.  eventually when I dumped the sugar in, it just formed a clump and took a long time to dissolve.  After we put a teaspoon of flavor and some color into each jar.  I used a canning jar funnel and added the sugar water.

The sugary sticks have to be suspended in the jar.  Not touching the sides or the bottom.  We clipped them with cloths pins and rested the pin at the top of the jar. (Ummmm, I forgot to get a picture of that.  Sorry)

The hardest part of all was leaving in a sunny window for a week and waiting……

Star Anise (Black Licorice)


Root Beer




And as you can imagine, the kiddos loved them.

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